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November 2015
The online edition of Focus Africa, with 7,000 titles, is now available to registered customers - see the library here.

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Mallory International is pleased to offer some important reference books and collections from Routledge at a discount of 28%.

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Meet our representatives

Christel Noudjinlodo

Christel Noudjinlodo has represented us in Benin since October 2011. She was the Director of Bufalo Bookshop in Cotonou for 4 years, one of the 3 main bookshops in Benin.

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Meet our head office staff

Magali Savoye

Magali joined Mallory International in September 2013 and is part of our International School Team.
She left France in 2001 and has a Business Enterprise Degree from Plymouth University. She is the main contact for schools in French speaking countries.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015
US East
Addis Ab

Mallory International is a leading British export bookseller and supplier of educational materials.

We specialise in the supply of educational books, resources and journals (both physical and electronic) to: aid-funded projects; academic institutions, particularly in Africa; and schools and colleges throughout the world. Additionally, our Schools Team offers a single purchase point for schools.

With 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services. Please contact me if we can help you in any way.

Julian Hardinge
Chairman, Mallory International

Africa has been Mallory’s main market ever since the business was founded in the mid-1980s and we have an unrivalled record of successful contracts there. We have also developed significant business in Asia and the Caribbean - and in all this we are assisted by our purchasing unit and delivery address in the United States.

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Mallory was established as a textbook supplier and consolidator. It brought educational and teaching skills to the business of book supply, and these remain one of the company’s greatest strengths. We have a range of other capabilities - in complex documentation, processing and handling large shipments. We have local representation in many countries, and we pay particular attention to the details of supply and the reliability of local delivery.

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Mallory offers a journal consolidation service throughout the world, supported by staff with appropriate specialised knowledge and background. We also arrange on-line and combined subscriptions, and can supply in any form, and on any media, made available by the publishers.

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Tendering for international and national contracts is an important part of our business. Recent contracts won at tender include the supply of books, journals, CDs and anatomical models.

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Over the past three decades, school books have played a big part in what we do. But while books are of vital importance, we realise that international schools have needs for other products. In recent years we have developed specialist expertise in non-book supplies - including our online database The Schoolbooks Manager.

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Staff at Mallory are fully trained in the export documentation requirements of the major aid donors, and of developing countries, both in Africa and elsewhere. We have successfully handled the documentary requirements of the World Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, Japan International Co-operation Agency, UNDP (IAPSO), UNESCO, UNICEF and UNOPS.

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Mallory International consolidates to every continent, and to many countries with particularly complex requirements. We have strong relationships with specialised shipping agents and carriers, especially those working in major African markets.  Our experience in developing markets is unsurpassed among bookselling companies.

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We maintain, at our head office in Devon, in-house fluency in major European languages. Currently we can manage correspondence and conversation in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our representatives will accept, and if necessary translate and pass to us, correspondence in languages current in the countries where they work.