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Please contact us by email if you have questions about Focus Africa or if you need more information. Or you can call us on +44 (0) 1395 239199, and speak to the Schools Team. We would be pleased to hear from you.


Welcome to Focus Africa, our online special collection which draws together recent books from African publishers, African authors and on subjects of interest for sub-Saharan Africa. You will notice that many African academics now publish with LAP Lambert and VDM Verlag and both are featured here.

Throughout the year, we regularly send updates on special African interest titles to our customers. Please email Ulrike Hardinge to be included in the mailing list.

Please note that while we do everything possible to maintain prices through the year, publishers occasionally change them without notice. On many titles we will be able to offer a discount of the listed price, so please contact us for a quote for the titles which interest you. Also we can order any available book, not just the ones listed here.

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Focus Africa is intended for anyone who is interested in African-focused educational books. Users must be registered with us - and registration is free. If you have not yet registered, please apply using the form on this page.


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Please note that Focus Africa is an ORDER process - it is not a PAYMENT system. We are asking you to send us your books orders or requests for quote, and any payment process will be dealt with directly between Mallory and yourself via email and other usual channels.


Also, these booklists take no account of SHIPPING costs - we will calculate the shipping costs involved in your booklist order (or your 'request for quote') and notify you of them by email.


We will contact you about any booklist you send us to confirm details before completing the process.


Thank you for your interest!

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